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Congestion charges in Gothenburg, Sweden

As early as 2007, Stockholm introduced congestion charges to reduce congestion in areas with heavy traffic. Now the turn has come to Gothenburg.

From the end of the year (1 January 2013), congestion charges will be introduced for vehicles driving into and out of the central parts of Gothenburg during the day on weekdays.

Some vehicles are however exempt from the congestion charges and a few examples are emergency vehicles and certain buses. Previously, green cars have been part of the exception in Stockholm, but this was changed in August 2012. Congestion charges only applies for Swedish-registered vehicles.

The system in Gothenburg will function in the same way as in Stockholm’s inner city. The vehicles will pass toll stations where they are automatically recorded during each entrance or exit. The charge will vary depending on the time of day when the toll station is crossed.

With this congestion charging scheme, Gothenburg city hopes to improve the accessibility and build a better environment by reducing nitrogen dioxide emissions in the central parts of Gothenburg. The tax will also contribute to investment in public transport, rail and road. Västerlänken, a railway tunnel that will pass under the center of Gothenburg and a new river connection at Marieholm are two examples.

More information about the rules, times and applicable amounts can be found on the Swedish Transport Agency’s website.

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