Nordic Chain


Adding to the long lasting cooperation between the Nordic Chain partner Varova in Finland and the Austrian Lagermax Group, the three other Nordic Chain partners TransFargo in Sweden, Nortrail in Norway and Bech-Hansen & Studsgaard in Denmark are now also joining the cooperation with Lagermax.

The cooperation will provide the market with high quality transport solutions between the Nordic countries and Austria as well as potential for servicing other markets where Lagermax is present.

Lagermax was established in 1920 and is a leading privately owned Austrian transport and logistic provider with corporate headquarter in Salzburg and 54 branches in 12 countries. It employs some 3000 people and have a turnover of € 395 million.

Nordic Chain was established in 1993 as the first alliance between independent transport and logistic providers in the Nordic countries. Offering, among others, daily connections between all Nordic countries and further throughout Europe where Nordic Chain cooperates with a large number of leading transport and logistic providers. The Nordic Chain partners are operating from 15 strategically placed distribution centers throughout the four Nordic countries. The four companies employs a total of 630 people and have a turnover of € 220 million.


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