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The new name – BHS Logistics – signifies that the Bornholm-based company has grown from operating as a haulier on the roads of Denmark to also being a provider of specialised European logistic solutions.
“This is no revolutionary move. The transition has been clearly under way for a long time now, as we have been rapidly developing over the past five to ten years,” states Morten Studsgaard, CEO, explaining:
“This is something we want to put on record. We want to emphasise that our core business is no longer transporting goods and parcels from point A to B in Denmark, but that we also provide specialised logistics solutions in areas such as pharmaceuticals as well as international transports. Plainly speaking, our toolbox has grown a little: we’ve transitioned from simple transport to solution-based transport.”
Morten Studsgaard emphasises that BHS Logistics currently have cooperation with more than 20 agents spread throughout Europe and that the company is an active partner in three strong international networks.
“Nothing is being changed except our name. We will still be travelling the roads of Denmark and we will still be transporting products and goods from Aakirkeby to Slagelse within Denmark,” Morten Studsgaard concludes.
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Morten Studsgaard
BHS Logistics A/S

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